Quarter Laundry

WHO WE ARE – Conveniences

In North Hallandale, the laundry is located near banks, restaurants, casino, convenience store, beauty salon and more.

Free Wi-Fi: Because we want you to enjoy yourself, work or study while you do your laundry

Table cleaning: We know that cleaning is important to everyone. That’s why we provide our clients wet wipes for cleaning the table.

Soda Machine: not only a soda is good to quench the thirst, it helps pass the time out.

Sanitizer: Considering your personal care, we also provide sanitizing gel for your hands.

Free Recharge: need to charge your phone or your notebook while you wait? We can help you. *(coming soon).

Parking: Large parking in front of and behind the shop.

Coming by bike? We also have a bicycle parking behind the store: your bike will be safe there. *(coming soon)

Paper towel: We know that accidents can happen. If you spill some detergent or need to dry something, you can use the paper towel we provide.

Free book: We created a book club, you can leave and get a book, and this allows several people to read a good literary work.  *(coming soon).

Soap vending: forgot your laundry detergent? No problems! We can provide everything you need to wash and dry your laundry in the shop.


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